- What is CD-Detect?

CD-Detect is a little tool, which waits for a CD-ROM Change to scan the CD for predefined file-extensions to run another application, depending on the found extension. 

Think of it as an generic CD-Autorun, because often you don't want to place special autorun-players on your CD's or you already have douzens full of mp3/divX and don't want to re-burn 'em all etc.

Good for use in a HTPC (Home Theater PC) environment, where you want to press as few keys as possible  Just put a link in the startup folder of Windows and check "minmize on startup". To get back to the main screen, just right-click on the symbol in the system-tray.

the latest versions can be found on the download-page

if you find this thing usefull and put in your htpc or elsewhere, i would be very happy, if you'd drop me some lines